I am leaving from Sandakan now. I feel like leaving from home. Two weeks ago I didn’t have idea to visit Borneo Island and Sabah State in Malaysian Part. In Bali when I realized I could not extend my Indonesian visa, I asked for advice about where to go a peaceful place a chinese room mate. She wrote me “Semporna” and show me the photos. So I met two oersons from Sabah and they said it is better to start from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. I bought a ticket one week ago I arrived in Kota Kinabalu. I visited many places but I didn’t like there. Big cty and like many devevoping countries no city planning. After four days, I moved to K.K.National Park in two hrs distance and stopped there one night. When I visited K.K National Park I was suprised because there are many lodges and resorts inside and like a holiday city. And to hike KK Mountain for two days tour it costs 1.500-2.000 MYR, hosttels 500 MYR for one night. I left at midday from my hostel cross to the park. I hitchiked after waiting a french group to go Sandakan. And last night a host accepted my two night request on Couchsurfing. The group was going to Sakua Village near river. They dropped me 40 km left to Sandakan and I took a minibus to arrive in Sandakan and got of at Giant Hypermarket to go my couchsurfing host Emily’s Cafe. Friends of Emily picked up me from my location. They warmly wellcomed me in Cafe and we talked together. After closing Cafe at 11 p.m. we went to home. I stayed at he same room with Ayesha. She is from Philipines and muslim. Prays at 5 times a day. Works a lot at two job. She had moved to Borneo Island when she was married. In marriage she has a son but they can’t live together. Before sleeping we talked about life. The second day, after visiting sunbears and Orang Utans in Sepilok I returned to Cafe. After spending time in Cafe, Ayesha invited me to dinner. We went together nice cafe restaurants nearby. Next morning I woke up at 6 a.m Ayesha had already woke up at 5 to pray and go to the laundry job. When she returned home we left from home to take bus at 7 am in front of Giant Hypermarket.

She waited with me until bus arrived and when Tawau bus arrived I decided to take this bus, it doesn’t enter in city, have to get off 10 km before Semporna, but price is 25. I understood she already paid my bus ticket I looked at her, but she was so proud, shaked her hand to say no. I got on bus and feeling having a new family.