Bali road trip on Honda GL150 and scooter, Kuta, Pulikan, Gilimamuk, Singjara, Mt Batur, Ubud

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I’ve heard a few people say that there isn’t a lot on the west coast of Bali. I’ve not really found much online from people travelling that way either. But we thought we would check it out any way.

There are some beautiful sights to see but I must admit, it does get more quiet when you get to Pulikan. As we have already done a road trip around the east coast of Bali, we wanted to do a full lap around the island. It took four days to do it and we did it by scooter and Honda GL150.

Yes we do have matching helmets…

We set off from Kuta to the Balian Surf Camp where we booked an Air BnB for the night. The place was pretty tricky to find and the roads getting there were horrendous. There were pot holes every where and with the winding roads…

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